Chat, email, and conference are not enough to excel at customer support & success.

A customer screen recording to solve their issues at first touch, and screen guidance for your onboarding calls to steer them to success.

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Works on:

Features can be copied.
Awesome customer care cannot.

Trusted by amazing customer-driven teams

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

No.1 customer service frustration is not being understood
(Zendesk CX Trends Report 2020)


They record.
You understand and solve.

Allow your customers to record their screen when they need support.

You will get all of the context you need to solve their issue faster than ever, at scale.


Point them in the right direction.

Let your customers learn by doing

Guide them on their screen, frustration-free.

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“It's helping a lot,

you have no idea!” 

—  Victoria Nascimiento GCLick

Customers come for your product - and stay for your support.