The 5 most critical mistakes in customer support

Everybody makes mistakes, yes. But regarding customer service, the less, the better. Because excellent customer service is key for the success of your business and actually, negative customer experiences can greatly impact your business’ performance.

There are many common mistakes that can make you lose a customer or, what’s the same, revenue. Here are, up to our opinion, the 5 most critical mistakes customer support teams can commit, and which, unfortunately, are quite common:

1. Not providing adequate training for your agents

If you don’t put much importance on the training of your customer service agents, it will have a very negative impact on your business’ success. You are responsible for providing continuous and dynamic training to these employees so that they are more efficient and prepared to satisfy the company’s clients.

2. Not providing quick support

When a customer has a problem, it needs to be solved as soon as possible. They have paid for a product or a service and not providing it properly is regarded as disrespectful.

3. Not providing omnichannel support

In today’s world, phone calls are not the only way to communicate with customer service anymore. Companies are (or at least they should be) all around the net right now. This means social media, mail, chat and yes, also phone calls if needed. But companies should make it easy for customers to send messages through the channel that suits them best and support their preference of video, voice note or mail for expressing their problem.

4. Not valuing customers’ time

This is a hugely common mistake. putting them on hold. Making them repeat the problem once and then again, being transferred from one agent to another, not maintaining their historical data and not unifying their documentation so they have to repeat it constantly. In short: if your company is doing this, you are sending the message that your company doesn’t give any value to your customers' time.

5. Not solving their problem

If your company cannot solve absolutely every problem expressed by every customer, there really is a problem here. If there is something that cannot be solved, then it has to be compensated until the customer is satisfied.

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