Effective but human customer support at scale? Add video!

Luckily for all of us, long gone are the days where support teams only cared about their own efficiency, when customers waited on the phone for hours to get to speak to customer service or emails were answered days and days after the customer reported a problem. That bordered on mistreatment, didn’t it? And what kind of company wants to mistreat their customers today? “Please keep waiting. In a few moments we will attend to you.” What kind of business culture was that??

Customers increasingly demand faster and more personalized experiences. And today it’s not enough to engage with users via their preferred channels but is required to provide them with empathy, purpose, and connection.

However, how can we keep our connection with our customers human when we’re attending up to hundreds of concurrent customer-service chats? How can we provide an efficient but fast experience to our customers without an army of support agents?

Communicate through short videos

Why do we still ask our customers to “describe” in text instead of show and tell with a screen recording? And why don’t we answer them in a short video explaining the steps they can follow to unblock their issue? It’s easier for them to explain with all the context for customer service to understand and it’s faster to solve with less back and forth. And it’s definitely more human for both sides, isn’t it?

This is why Vidbix offers your customers the option to record a video in just one click without the need for them to install anything, meaning they can record their screen plus voice or record themselves explaining their problem.

This is bidirectional, meaning that the company’s customer agents can also record their screen or themselves responding to the solution. In both cases, problems or bugs just need to be explained or recorded once. (Really: is there anything more annoying than having to explain the same bug four times to customer service?) With Vidbix this scales quickly. You just need one explanation from the customer and the agent to get problems solved.

Moreover, you are indirectly creating video tutorials and user guides while you solve your customer problems, which is undoubtedly much easier to follow along than a devious list of steps.

More human means more value

It’s a matter of trust. Feeling closer to the person who’s solving your problem generates confidence. Most people still value trustworthy relationships through responsive and engaging experiences. Just like going to lifelong physical stores where the seller recommends the best option and solves the problem for you.

So, along with the video-customer service, you are creating a connection based on trust (and effectiveness obviously) between the business and the customer that will have a clear effect on retention, loyalty, and brand. Because features can be copied, but awesome customer care cannot.

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