Speed up your customer support.

Speed up your customer support

Many times, a company’s customer support is underestimated or not given the importance it deserves. However, the truth is that an excellent customer support team is key to the company’s success. They are much more than the team that solves customer problems (as if this was a minor thing). Actually, if you think about it for a second, you’ll see that they are no less than:

  • The visible face of the Company when things go wrong.

  • The first line of contact with the customer.

  • One of the main factors of customer satisfaction/frustration.

  • The first responder when the customer “needs us” during the LTV.

For this reason, providing an excellent customer support service is part of the obsession of many successful companies (see Amazon or Apple as an example) because they understand this service is critical. However, being able to do it at scale can be costly and time-consuming in terms of staff, training and time.

Critical points

According to a recent study made by Zendesk (Customer Success Trends 2020), the three most frustrating points for clients regarding customer service are:

  • Long hold/wait times while interacting with an agent

  • Automated systems that make it hard to reach a human agent

  • Having to repeat the information multiple times

So, how can we improve our customers’ satisfaction and avoid frustrating them while we improve the efficiency of our agents? And how can we scale this model?

1.- Let them talk

It is as much important to be present on all the channels that our customers may need us, giving them space to explain their problem. In addition, it has to be comfortable for them and it is crucial they only explain their comments and issues once.

2.- Avoid misunderstandings

Not properly understanding what customers need has two profound effects on a company’s service: on the one hand, it generates frustration (both for the customer and within our own team). On the other hand, it is perceived as a lack of effectiveness due to the back & forth in order to solve the problem definitively.

3.- Be human

It may sound silly but behind our ticketing system there is an actual person. It is important our customers know that, and even know their name, see their face and listen to the voice of the person who is going to solve their problem. Creating a human out of the support that we give is key to our long-term relationship with customers.

Our solution

What if our customers could record a video sharing their screen with us? Vidbix provides a tool able to simplify this process as much as possible and integrate it in all the communication channels with our customers. It makes it easier for customers to explain (only once), it helps our agents solve issues in one-touch and allows them to answer with a human touch, while still being specific and effective. Happy customers, effective team.

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