The importance of a human touch in customer service

The best way to understand one another is by talking to each other. That’s an ancient refrain, and refrains always contain some truth. But often companies forget what’s essential in favor of false productivity. That is, usually, a mistake.

Customer service is key in your customer journey. It’s when your users, when working with your product feel blocked on its progress. That is when your customers need you more. And while it’s important to be productive and optimize processes inside customer service (that is to automate, to create help centers, to create a community, etc.) reaching a human should always be easy.

And being human means to let your customers know there is someone on the other side, representing your organization, that is there to solve their issue, to empathize, and to follow up. Because seen this way customer service is not only a cost center, it is a revenue driver and a churn stopper.

Why is it important for customers to be able to reach a human? It is essentially a matter of trust. A company that is transparent, with human beings trying to solve other human beings’ problems transmits confidence. Chatbots and Help Center can be useful lots of times, but when needed, a human will be there.

In modern customer service, humans are contacted via forms, email, chat, or phone. And let’s be clear, not each type of interaction is the same, and support teams will always prefer async modes first; to be able to review a doc, to talk to a colleague, or think for a moment to find the right answer.

At this point a new means for efficiency is needed; to avoid customer frustrations, neverending back & forth, and definitely to solve personally, but fast. Allowing your customers to provide all the context is key.

What may last dozens of written interactions can be solved by a simple screen recording. This lets your customers talk, express, and show their issue, once and for all with no place for misunderstandings. Your customer service will receive a customer screen recording with all the context, and then, be able to solve or escalate without the need for more interactions and going straight to the point. Problem seen, problem solved.

What can Vidbix do for you? Summing up, Vidbix is:

less frustrating for customers,

more efficient for teams, it is

a more personal support service

a source of insights for the company.


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