Small changes can transform your customer support experience

First, it was voice answering machines, then chatbots at the bottom of a website burst on the scene as the ultimate tech innovation regarding customer service. But let's not fool ourselves, customers are hardly ever satisfied if attended to by a machine, having to wait for minutes or call several times to be able to talk to a human. In the best of cases, there’s a person behind the email or the chatbot. But even then the customer usually ends up explaining the problem several times, and often they are not easy to explain or easy for customer reps to understand.

Fortunately, the era of screen recording is here. And not just this, but imagine there was a button to open a ticket without the need to install anything on the customer side.

Why do that? Here are some of the main reasons:

Benefits for the customers;

1.-Show and explain it is easier than writing

2.-It leaves no place for ambiguity

3.-It will save time: bugs or problems will be understood easily and much faster than when using any other methods, so issues can be solved much faster too.

At the same time, the company’s agent can respond with a short video or share the screen explaining the solution to the problem, fast, easy, and more personal than a chat.

Benefits for the company;

1.- It enables the service to be personalized

2.- It provides a more human, close treatment

3.- It’s quicker

4.- It’s more effective: the customer can more easily understand how to solve the problem.

5.- It provides a whole range of useful data to the company

If your company puts a lot of effort into UX in your products, then why do you still ask your customers to write their issues, send screenshots, repeat it a hundred times on the phone instead of enabling them to show it?

Vidbix offers the option to explain the problem just by screen recording it in one click, without the need to install anything on their side.

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