Why personalization matters in Customer Service

Personalization, guess what, is much more than including a *|FNAME|* tag in your emails or being on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Personalization should mean being closer, providing every customer an experience that fits their needs and expectations, and YES, solving fast, on their preferred channel. Personalization is to focus on what customers value, is to provide a more tailored experience to shorten the route to valued human engagement.

Now, when most of our transactions (as consumers, but also at work) are digital, companies have to play the role of the lifelong shopkeeper, solving problems and making recommendations that matter.

But why is personalization key in today’s Customer Service?

More and more in this post-pandemic era, customers demand reliable, fast customer support as part of the overall experience with your product and services. Personalization means more and better context, about your users, about their usage of your product, about their latest issues (yes you get it, data!), but more important about their current issue (with tools like Vidbix by the way ;)). Context, context, context.

And personalization provides benefits at both sides of the table; on the customer end, a tailored personal experience based on context generates less frustration; have you ever been asked twice for the same issue because they didn’t understand it? Or maybe some agent asked you about your current plan? (hey, they should know that!), or have no idea that you had the same issue just a few weeks ago? For your company, less frustration translates into more loyalty that comes from meaningful conversations and satisfied customers, thus creating bondings between your customers and you.

How can my company offer a more personalized CX?

As with many other things, there is no handbook for personalization, as this will be based on your business, your support model, and your customers. But there are four things you should start working on.

  • Data. Collect and provide your agents with useful information about the user during the customer interaction. Who they are, their current plan, latest issues, … and any relevant information that provides a better context to your agent.

  • Support Channels. Be where your customers are, where they want to reach you. This is not an option anymore, but a need in today's customer care world. If you are not there yet, you are losing in front of your competitors.

  • Automation & AI can be your perfect allies when properly done. Chatbots, as an example, are technology enablers that can provide your agents more time and flexibility to handle complex tasks, while helping your customer with more basic questions effectively.

  • Enhance CX. Let your users engage with new ways of interaction. Tools like our very own Vidbix, that enable your customers to explain their blockers with a screen recording. An easier fresh experience for them, and real context about your customer's current customer issues to understand and solve fast, really fast.

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