In search of the perfect customer service

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness about customer support and success as an essential part of a company’s own success. This implies, of course, having an excellent product, but also interacting with users in a close, personal and effective way.

When it comes to providing customer service, the trend is growing more and more to be where the user needs you to be. Whatsapp, social media, and chats integrated into products (in addition to more traditional channels like to email, phone, and forms) are increasingly part of the way we interact with the companies we use, especially when we have a problem.

What the customer doesn’t want (at all!)

How many times have you waited on hold or spent far too long explaining your problem to the support team on the phone? How many times have you had to repeat the same problem to several agents? How many times have you tried to describe (and write) what the exact problem is and still felt they don’t understand you? And how do you feel when a bot won’t let you access the information you need, just because you are not allowed to talk?

What can Vidbix do for you?

Vidbix was born with the aim of alleviating frustration for your customers, letting them explain themselves and show us the problem they have just once (yes, only one time). And to give the necessary context to our support team, so that they are able to solve it effectively, at one touch, and at scale.

Vidbix allows users to share their screen and explain their problem to us. But they can also send a screengrab to us through the channel they wish without the need for them to install any tool. This provides our agents with all the context they need to fix the problem or scale it up without further details.

The importance of watching the face of who is solving your problem

Vidbix is integrated into your own ticketing tool and allows our agents to solve problems on video without doubts and with the ability to listen to it and to see our face. It’s faster than writing, more effective, more personal.

Are there other benefits of using Vidbix?

Sure there are! Customer screen sharing provides new insights for the whole company, and the ability to bring our customers closer to other departments (product, success, sales or even marketing teams).

  • See bugs, understand user experience, or invent new features explained directly by customers.

  • Discovering upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

  • Understanding when a customer needs our help in a broader sense than just with a ticket. It’s tone, it’s usage of our tool, etc.

  • Discovering new use-cases for our tools

Vidbix is less frustrating for our customers, more efficient for our teams, and it is a more personal support service with a source of insights for the company. WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN.

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